A PRETO E BRANCO_ Portugal, a black and white impression




Buffalo’s want to rule

From Pig to Porc in no time

They love horses, don’t they?

If you like/love horses, you will probably enjoy watching my reportage of this year’s edition of ‘Knokke Arabians’ (see http://www.knockearabians.com/videos/).

Congo: beauty and charm against all odds

Bukavu, August 11th. Shooting a documentary in Uganda, South Sudan and the ‘DemocraticRepublic of Congo, we only accidentally pass Bukavu’s cathedral, a colonial heritage in light Provençal blue,  and hear what sounds like women singing. Although the church is full, the music comes from outside the church. Women, men and children are rehearsing the Assumption of Mary into Heaven, which they will celebrate  on August 15th. It’s a colourful bunch, but what strikes the most is their joy, the light in dark eyes, that unequivocal joie de vivre preferably finding its way in music, singing, dancing, in things they can enjoy together. Conviviality is highly cherished in Congo.

At first, some people are shy, being confronted with a ‘muzungu’ (white person) taking photo’s, some are reluctant, some even hide behind their text page. But those who accept the game of being teased with humour or those I depict in that very moment they thought being  unobserved, some who suddenly show audacity even, brought me a series of expressive photographs showing the so charming beauty of the Congolese, men, women and children alike. It is, however, a beauty against all odds. The country is in a deplorable state, corruption rules, democracy is merely a word.

Meet Meat

If anytime you would feel like becoming a vegetarian: pay a visit to the Anderlecht (Brussels, Belgium) slaughterhouses.

Some month ago, ‘De Standaard’ (newspaper) asked me to go there and ‘see if I could shoot anything’, as allegedly quite a few Roumanians were working there illegally, working very long hours for around 60 euro a day. Today, police and social inspection busted into the slaughterhouses and checked everyone inside, yet so far have not communicated about their findings.