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They love horses, don’t they?

If you like/love horses, you will probably enjoy watching my reportage of this year’s edition of ‘Knokke Arabians’ (see

Meet Meat

If anytime you would feel like becoming a vegetarian: pay a visit to the Anderlecht (Brussels, Belgium) slaughterhouses.

Some month ago, ‘De Standaard’ (newspaper) asked me to go there and ‘see if I could shoot anything’, as allegedly quite a few Roumanians were working there illegally, working very long hours for around 60 euro a day. Today, police and social inspection busted into the slaughterhouses and checked everyone inside, yet so far have not communicated about their findings.

Take care

A regional hospital in Flanders (Brussels region) asked me to produce a photo series about nurse practitioners. There is a shortage of them (in many parts of Western Europe) and the hospital wanted to set up activities to promote the profession. One of those initiatives is a book with very personal testimonials and photos. They asked me to focus on hands and to try to tell the story of what nurses mean to people showing mainly hands. They wished to have black and white photographs.