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On The Beach

Nice la Belle. The summer of 2015. In a photography magazine, I read about Martin Parr’s photo exhibition “Life’s a Beach”, obviously a hint to “Life’s a Bitch”, though I am not sure how to understand the paraphrasing. Parr, a Magnum photopgrapher, has a reputation. He is a chronicler of our age. His photographs may seem exaggerated, even grotesque. They indulge in criticism, seduction and humour. They show us in a penetrating way how we live, how we present ourselves to others, and what we value: the mission, par excellence, of photography. Beaches, in that sense, are peculiar biotopes, micro worlds that people resort to temporarily, massively, intensely. They forget about their walks of life, their complexity, their inequality. Lemmings they seem, whose sole destination it is to go out there and capture and mine a free piece of beach. I went to see Parr’s pop up show at Nice’s Théâtre de la Photographie et de l’Image. A video showed Parr at work on the beach: a man properly dressed,  holding an in beach terms flashy DSLR camera with a flash on it, a seducing smile, humour. It inspired me to go out there and try my own observation: with my Leica M, its 50mm summilux. Off we go. I hope you enjoy the story.